If you have water penetrating into your ears regularly when enjoying your sport, damage is more probable than possible. Exostosis (Surfer’s Ear) is no pleasant journey. It is very hard to deal with either by medication or surgery. Your best bet is to minimise your ear exposure to cold water and cold winds to prevent it from developing altogether.

For that, you need a product designed specifically for purpose. The Skugie bandanna is your solution to this but the design also solves a number of other exposure-related issues for watermen and women.

Exostosis is the body's natural response to cold exposure which narrows the ear canals. Over time it will often lead to hearing problems, ear pain, headaches and regular infections. Additionally, tympanic membranes (eardrums) are susceptible to impact which can lead to more long term hearing issues. Surgery often carries risks or makes little difference so my mission is to offer you a product that will help you to avoid this altogether.

ENT specialists and GPs often advise water-sports participants to use earplugs but for many, this option has limitations. It can affect balance and will reduce hearing capability.

Out on the water, being able to hear clearly can be critical. I gave up with ear plugs for this very reason and looked for an alternative. Having tight ear canals, water was getting into my ears whilst out surfing and kiting and just staying in there which I found infuriating. I could often be seen vigorously shaking my head and "headbanging" in an effort to dislodge water in my ears which had other water users questioning my sanity!
And so the Skugie concept came about.

The Skugie is not just for ear protection though, there are other benefits:

  • Stops water ingress to the ear canals.
  • Keeps the ears warm inhibiting osteoma.
  • Protects against eardrum rupture.
  • Does not limit your hearing capability or balance.
  • Prevents “Brain Freeze” when dunked in cold water.
  • Limits direct sunlight reaching the eyes.
  • Protects the head, ears, neck and scalp from UV and sunburn.
  • Keeps the head cool in hot summer sun.

So make a Skugie an essential accessory when packing your bag for your favourite activity.

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