FAQ Page

What is the best way to tie a Skugie?

It’s a pretty simple process and we’ve made a video to show you which we recommend you watch here. A couple of handy tips to help. 

1) The bandana material holds a knot better when wet. 

2). Your first tie should be a double . This will hold far better when you shoelace-tie the securing knot on top.  

Are there different sizes available?

We’ve used a hyper-stretch neoprene material for the band which will give a snug fit on almost all head sizes. If you head circumference is outside the 52 - 60cm range then Skugie may not fit comfortably. As our market increases we may introduce an XS and an XL size. 

Does Skugie Float or Sink?

A fundamental requirement for our design was that the Skugie must float and it does so brilliantly. Choose one of our bright colours and it’s easy to find in the unlikely event that it comes off.

Will other colours be available?

Yes, Although Skugie is built to last with proper care all neoprene breaks down over time. So once you’ve bought one and realised how invaluable it is, you will probably need to replace it every 2-3 years. We will introduce new colours every year so let us know what you’d like!  

Will the colour fade over time?

Unfortunately sun, sand and sea are brutal on materials over time so yes colours will fade. Fluorescents are particularly susceptible but we’ve selected materials with the best light-fastness we can find.

What is your returns policy?

The company is compliant with all online and retail trade law as stipulated in the UK. You have a right to return your item under Consumer Contracts Regulations if you are not completely happy with it.

Where are these made?

We started our production here in the UK but we have an accredited partner factory in Asia. Our parent company, Mark S G Enterprises Ltd, has a long-term trading relationship (20+ years) with this manufacturer.


What is the environmental impact for Skugie?

We’ve tried to limit our CO footprint to a minimum. Materials are sourced from established suppliers in Asia who have environmental directives in place. Neoprene however is the elephant in the room and we do acknowledge this. Action is already in place to switch to Yulex material in 2022.

Is Skugie patent protected?

Skugie is patent pending and design right protected. It is an original concept and plagiarists will be actively challenged through legal channels. Remember if it’s not a ‘Skugie’, it’s not a Skugie.

Can Skugie be washed in a machine?

Yes indeed, low temperate only. Short cycle and it’ll come out good as new!

What is the Skugie warranty?

Your Skugie is warranted against defective workmanship and materials for 12 months.  This is a no-quibble product insurance - you may be asked for photos and proof of destruction before a replacement unit will be sent.